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GB Industrial Battery Battery Installation Instructions:

Reach Trucks / Narrow Isle Trucks:


These instructions apply to any forklift with a battery that Rolls Out.


See Also: *Instructions for Batteries that LIFT OUT.


What is required:

          A hydraulic or electric pallet jack.

          A block of wood to support the battery.

          A 5ft chain with hooks to lift the battery.

          A second forklift or hoist capable of lifting the weight of the battery you are changing.


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4


To remove the old battery:

     Step 1 - Make sure that the battery is wide enough to straddle both forks of the pallet jack.

     Roll the battery out 1ft. so that the pallet jack can get underneath.

     Step 2 - Pick up the battery slightly and back the battery out 75% so that the far end is still supported by the forklift rollers. Do not back out too far, or the battery could fall off of the last roller.

     Step 3 - Place the block(s) under the near end of the battery to support it and lower the battery. The block(s) should be tall enough to keep the battery nearly level when fully lowered.

     Step 4 - Drive the pallet jack forward as far as possible. Lift the entire battery so that it is fully supported by the pallet jack and above the forklift rollers in the compartment. Do not lift too high or the battery will hit the top of the battery compartment.

     Remove the block(s) and back up so that the battery is completely clear of the forklift.

     Lift the battery from the pallet jack and place on a pallet for return.


To install the new battery:

     Follow the instructions above in reverse order.

     Make sure that the battery cables on the replacement battery will be on the correct end when placing the battery on the pallet jack, and are hanging over the end of the battery so that they will not be pinched during installation.

     Never leave the cables on top of the battery there is not enough clearance to retrieve the plug once the battery is fully installed, and there is a greater risk of pinching the cables.

     Always remember to put the retainer plate back in place before driving away with the new battery so that the battery does not roll out.



     Have a clear, level work area with adequate space for work and height for lifting.

     Batteries may roll in and out very easily, but usually weigh between 1,000 and 3,500 pounds.

     Always avoid pinch points never place battery cables or any part of your body in harms way.

     Pinched cables can short and spark, causing the battery to explode.

     Never try to stop a falling battery - always be prepared to step aside if the situation gets out of control.


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