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    GB Industrial Battery – Battery Installation Instructions:

“Sit Down” Forklifts:


These instructions apply to any forklift with a battery that must be Lifted Out.


See Also: *Instructions for batteries that ROLL OUT.


BEFORE ATTEMPTING: Any mistake or lapse of judgment could result in damage to your equipment or facility, or severe injury. If you are unsure of your ability to install a battery safely after reading these instructions, do not attempt. GB is not liable for injury, loss or damage of any kind incurred by a customer attempt to remove or install a battery.

What is required:

·         A second forklift truck of adequate capacity to lift the batteries.

·         A heavy chain, approx. 3ft long, with “C” hooks at each end. Do not use “Slip Hooks”.

·         A short but heavy (8”x8”) block, 1 to 2 feet in length (pictured below).

·         A strong, empty pallet large enough for the scrap battery.

·         A supervisor / spotter with excellent communication skills and an experienced licensed forklift operator.

Safety Tips:

·         Check the capacity rating of your forklift or hoist to be sure it can handle the load. Never attempt to lift a battery with under-rated equipment.

·         Preferably, use a lifting beam and swivel attachment, or a heavy, properly rated chain.

·         Always check clearances to avoid damage to the hood, steering wheel, levers, etc.

·         Only attempt in a clear, flat, unobstructed area with adequate height.

Important Safety Note:

·         Scrap or discharged batteries still store enough energy and hydrogen gas to cause arcing, sparks, burns and explosion, and must be treated with the same care as fully charged new or reconditioned batteries.


·         Never attempt to lift batteries by the tips of the forks.

·         To avoid shorting, never allow chains, hooks or metal parts to come in direct contact with exposed lead “intercell” connectors on the top of the battery. The lead connectors should be covered by plastic “shrouds” as seen in the photos above. The yellow shrouds snap in place over the intercell connectors.

·         Never attempt to lift a battery by the lead intercell connectors or any part other than the “lifting eyes”. If the lifting eyes are corroded, damaged or missing, STOP and contact us.

·         Make sure the forks are level or tilted back slightly so that the battery does not slide off towards the floor.

·         Remember to lift the battery and install in a way that the cables will be in the correct position.


·         Always use a spotter with good communication skills. Stay in constant communication.

·         Check clearances continuously to avoid damaging the steering wheel, levers or hood.

·         Never rush or make sudden moves that cause the battery to swing or slide.

·         Never put cables, body, hands or feet near “Pinch Points”.


·         Center the battery from side to side, and as far to the rear of the truck as possible.

·         Make sure the cables are positioned properly to avoid “pinching” when the lid is closed.

·         Our batteries always arrive fully charged, watered, and ready for immediate use. Do not add water prior to the initial charge to avoid overflow.


For complete battery charging and watering instructions, select this link:  Proper Battery Care.


Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.


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